Consistent Conversions

All the web traffic in the world doesn’t mean a thing if none of them convert into a lead, consistently. It’s funny when I hear people say “I’ll guarantee you 1,000 visitors!”. What if those 1,000 visitors are women, and you’re page sells a product middle-aged men?

You’re not going to consistently convert them into leads or sales.

Traffic is the lifeline of all websites online, without traffic they are nothing, but without traffic and conversions…the die out a slow death. Some of the best traffic in the world is search engine traffic. These are people who have taken to the search engines with a problem and they are looking for a solution. Think about the last time you “Googled” something and why you “Googled” it. Were you trying to find a place to eat? Problem: You were hungry and you went to Google to find your solution: Food.

Ever had a few aches and pains and went to Google (or any search engine) and researched on remedies for your symptoms?

When you land on a website that is on the first page, they are providing a solution to your problem and you’re more apt to buy something, give lead information for more information, than if you did’t have those ailments. Search engine traffic has been my favorite traffic for more than a decade. I’d much rather have someone searching for a solution to a problem and my website have the solution than just about any other form of internet browser out there. Many people out there will tell you “Facebook is the best traffic!” – or “GDN” is the best traffic…

I’ll tell you that search traffic is best. While Facebook marketing, and big media buys on the Google Display Network can be made very profitable forms of traffic, I’ll stick with good ol’ search traffic. Once you get the traffic you need to focus on ways to increase your CTR (click through rate) and ultimately convert that visitor into a lead or sale. One of my favorite ways to optimize website is by simply installing a heatmap and studying what my website visitors are doing once they land on my website. If you need help increasing your organic traffic, you can do a quick search and find plenty of seo companies out there that will help you with your organic presence.

Want to know how to increase your organic search traffic? Check out this video I found below, it explains it pretty well.

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